David W Bland

Coming Soon - Two Biographies & Some "Read Aloud" Middle Grade Chapter Books for Kids 8 - 12.


David Bland has several projects in the works, including biographies of Seebohm Rowntree, heir to the Rowntree Chocolate Company in York, England, and Richard Bland, unheralded colonial-era patriot and mentor to Thomas Jefferson.

In the meantime, he has completed six stories of a planned eight-book series tentatively entitled Stories for the Pandemic. These are stories for middle grade children, ranging in age from about 8 years to 12 years.

The stories are explicitly written to be read aloud by a parent or grandparent, or anyone who wants to connect with children. There is a pandemic-inspired story about a treacherous villager in league with a nasty dragon, two time-travel stories, including one about

the Lost Colony of Roanoke Island and another involving the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire of 1911, and a climate change-inspired allegory with clever and brave antelopes. Since younger kids want fairy tales and older kids mostly don’t, David invented FAIRIES, a trade union for magical creatures – the Fraternal Association of Independent Retrievers, Imps, Elves, and Sprites. Here are some of the illustrations by Emily Bennett for A FAIRIES Tale, and Time Will Tell, the first time-travel story.

Illustrations for A FAIRIES Tale & Time Will Tell

Winston Troutchill
Winston Troutchill

Wiggle Snout
Wigglesnout of the Prairie Peepers
Angus Leading the FAIRIES
Hector & Gareth
Hector and Gareth
Time Machine
The Time Travel Particle De-Accelerator

Illustrations by Emily Bennett

Emily Bennett

More about Emily

Emily Bennett is a painter and freelance illustrator. She studied illustration at the University of Central Missouri and worked in graphic design for several years before becoming a stay-at-home mother of her two daughters. Her area of focus is acrylic and watercolor, showcasing the use of bold color and movement in her work. Her style is reflective of her personality - realistic elements with a healthy dose of brightness and strong attention to detail. 

In 2020, she teamed up with author David W. Bland to illustrate his latest set of children's stories, in an effort to help reconnect families separated by the pandemic. 

She, her husband and girls reside in Kansas City, Missouri. Her other loves include cooking Italian food, growing summer vegetables and enjoying the life of the KC art scene.